My Controversial View On The Gilmore Girls Revival

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I'm not going to lie, I was very underwhelmed by the Gilmore Girls Revival. In fact, I didn't start enjoying it until the scene where Lorelai is telling Emily her favourite memory of Richard. I think it was because I couldn't connect with the characters. It just seemed dull and sad, nothing was gaining my attention and pulling me in. I get that the writers wanted to make it realistic, but I feel that they could have it done this better. It had so much more potential. Obviously there will be spoilers so don't read ahead if you haven't finished it.

My favourite thing about the Gilmore Girl revival was hands down Emily's story line. Her character development was absolutely amazing. Can we just take a second to remember Emily Gilmore wearing jeans and saying bullshit? Best thing ever. I love that we got to witness her mourning of Richard and watch her go through all the stages of grief. From her being heart broken and lost, to her finding a way to move on. Richards passing helped her realise what was truly important and allowed her to grow as a person. It was truly a life changing situation for her and I think she really became herself. I loved the relationship her and Berta had, It was exactly what she needed. I think the icing on the cake had to be her working in a whaling museum - It was so random but she was totally in her element.  I'm going to stop here because I could go on forever - Basically, great story line, amazing character development.

I didn't like Rory's character at all in the revival. Nor did I like her storyline.  I felt like she hadn't matured or grown up at all from when we last saw her in season 7. I just couldn't connect with her. I loved the idea of breaking the 'perfect Rory' facade - but I think they over did it. You'd think the idea of her being lost and not knowing where her life was heading would have been relateable;  but for some reason I just couldn't connect with her character. I also hate her story line with Logan. I felt like she should have known better as the same thing happened with Dean when she was younger. The only difference being she was young and in love with Dean.  After the Dean cheating situation she felt remorseful and knew what she did was wrong. It seemed like she learnt a lesson.Then more than a decade later, she gets upset because she has to go to a hotel  with Logan so they can have an affair?  that made me so angry. I was relieved and happy when she ended things with Logan. I mean at least that is some character development for Rory. Another thing that annoyed me was the Paul story line. How do you forget to break up with someone for 2 years? How horrible. On a positive note, I do think it's good she has found something to do, I think writing the book will give her a sense of purpose and help her grow as a person. I don't even know what to say about the ending, I mean she's pregnant? I really did not see that coming. I think next season we will see a lot of character development for Rory. There has to be another season right? they cannot end it like that.

I found Lorelai's story was underwhelming and a bit dull if I'm honest. It could have been done better.
 Like I said earlier, I didn't really start to enjoy Gilmore Girls until the phone scene between Lorelai and Emily. I think that was a significant scene for both of them. Looking back though, I do think her story line was realistic. At the end of season 7 Lorelai seemed to be in a great place. The inn was doing well and her and Luke finally realised they were meant to be together. It makes sense that eventually she would fall into a rut and be bit lost. It was nice to see her find herself by the end of it. Lorelai and Luke finally got hitched! The wedding was beautiful. Kirk did a great job! I also wish we had gotten to see more of Lorelai's wittiness.

Other Thoughts:
1. They finally made Michel Gay! This made me so happy.
2. Who were the two kids following Lorelai & Rory around being like servants? Were they trying to get pocket money? It was so weird. This definitely should have been addressed.
3.  a part of me is secretly hoping the father of Rory's baby is the wookie she had sex with.
4. Emily in the DAR meeting was hilarious - 'Bullshit!'
5. I loved Jess in this. He went from a troubled teenager to a mature grown man. His character development was awesome. I don't want him to get with Rory though - he deserves better.
6. I'm still wondering about the whole Paul story line. What was the point to it? Was it to contribute to the Rory isn't perfect persona?I mean no one is perfect, but leading a guy on for 2 years and forgetting' to dump him is on a different level.
7. Mr Kim exists? did they just throw a random character in? Was he even mentioned before this? I swear he wasn't even at Lane's wedding.
8. Kirk was hilarious! I love that the town bought a pig for him and Lulu so they wouldn't have a baby.

That's it from me. What did you think of the Gilmore Girls Revival? Who was your favourite character? -xx

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  1. I totally get where you're cominy from on this. Admittedly I'm a Logan fan but I did think it was a bit much with the cheating storyline. And I loved Emily too!!

    Rachel //

    1. I don't mind Logan, their storyline was just a bit over the top like you said. Emily was the best!


  2. YES! OMG, yes, you've literally written down every single goddamn thought and feeling I had about the revival! Ugh, I didn't start feeling it until that scene with Lorelai on the phone with her mum, I bawled my eyes out. I was so annoyed at how everything just felt disconnected, that it just seemed like a desperate attempt to get everyone hooked by throwing every cliche out there. I agree about the Emily storyline, it was perfect, though I do wish they did work on that just a tiny bit more - it felt a bit detached at the end. Ugh, Rory was the worst. To be honest, I never really liked her throughout the entire series, I found her to be selfish and immature, no matter how everyone else saw her, and the revival just made that worse - Paul and Logan were the perfect examples of her selfishness, as well as when she got upset with her mother when she said no to the book. Absolutely no character development at all on her part. Lorelai did indeed have some character development but she wasn't the Lorelai I knew, if you get what I mean...

    I too hoped that it was the wookie, but the timeline didn't match up, she would have been much further along than that. Jess was perfect in this, and I may or may not have fallen in love with him XD

    I was pissed off that Tristian was some other random dude instead of Chad Michael Murray - I mean, dude, c'mon, I want my cake and eat it too!

    Stephii Mattea xx

    1. It's so nice to have someone else who has the same grievances with the revival. It was such a beautiful scene. Yes, it just seemed like there wasn't a lot of flow, it seemed so rushed. Yeah the ending with Emily was a bit detached - I feel she should have been invited to the wedding. It would have been nice to see Lorelai's reaction to her new outlook on life. Rory was definitely awful, she did not seem 32 at all. I know exactly what you mean, Lorelai was definitely not the same. This was one of the reasons I found it so hard to like the revival (until the phone scene). I Just couldn't connect to it.

      Well a girl can always dream. Jess was awesome. He has had the most character development throughout the whole show I believe. He is definitely too good for Rory.

      They definitely should have kept him Chad Michael Murray!

      Thanks for commenting, Happy New Year! - xx

  3. Oh yeah I felt the same about Rory, it's funny because when I started watching Gilmore Girls I really liked Rory and felt like I could relate but then as the series progressed I was just like nope no, I am nothing like her and I just found her a bit...annoying? Then in the revival a lot of what she was doing bothered me as well, so I guess I'm much more of a Lorelai person! Loved Emily in the revival though, her character seemed to have progressed almost more than anyone else.

    Julia // The Sunday Mode


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