Small Lifestyle Goals For 2016.

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This year, I didn't really make any New Years Resolutions. To me it feels like it's more of a cliche. Something that everyone does, but nobody ever sticks to, or maybe that's just me.  In saying that, there are a few things I would like to do this year. I wouldn't call them big changes, more just little goals that I would like to achieve. 


It's Okay to Need a Break.

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I'm not sure how to begin this post, so if this seems a bit un-put together, I apologise.


Things Didn't Go As Planned.

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So I started this blog planning to post every Sunday. But as you can see, things did not go as planned. 2015 was a very big year for me. Life just got in the way and it turns out I couldn't commit to that weekly post.


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