Things To Do When You're Feeling Down

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things to when you are feeling down. Ways to cheer yourself up.

Today I'm having a bit of a down day. I'm feeling stressed, tense and tired. It's just been one of those weeks. You know what I mean right? We all have those days or weeks where it just gets a bit too much. You're stressed, you have some stuff going on, you haven't slowed down, or perhaps you're just feeling a bit flat. Don't worry it's perfectly normal.

In light of how I'm feeling, I had a spark of inspiration. Hey that's something right? I'm going to share with you some things to do when you're feeling down. Obviously these won't work for everyone, every person and situation is different.


I love yoga. It's my favourite exercise. It leaves me feeling great both physically and mentally. Which is why it's one of the first things I do when I'm feeling down. Yoga allows you to stop and connect with your mind and body. Something that most people need when they are having a bad day.


This won't be for everyone. I bet some of you are even rolling your eyes. However so many studies have proven that exercises improves your mood. Now I'm not telling you to do an intense workout (unless that's your thing), even just taking a walk around the block will make you feel better. Plus it gets you out of the house!


You know when you are feeling sick and you finally have a shower? And you feel so refreshed afterwards. Well when I'm feeling down a shower leaves me feeling a bit more sane and more like myself. If a bath is more your style then go for it (why not light some candles while you're at it). Next time you are feeling down try a shower, you won't regret it.

Get Out

When we aren't feeling the best, we tend to stay in and shut the world out. Which is fine at first. However if you do it for too long it can actually make you feel worse. You end up wallowing and over thinking the situation. So get up and go out, go to the movies, catch up with friends or just go for a walk around the block. As long as it is something that gets you out of the house.

Just Stop

Sometimes we just need to stop and do nothing. If you can just take 5 minutes for yourself and just lay down and do nothing. If you can take longer than definitely do that. It really makes a world of difference.


I think we tend to forget the power of a breath. If you're feeling stressed or upset, stop and take 3-5 deep belly breaths. It allows you to stop, relax and de-stress. When I do this I breathe in through my nose for 7 seconds, hold it for 7 and then breathe out through my mouth for 7 seconds. This also helps if you are really angry. If you have more time you could always meditate for a bit.


When I'm upset I like to relax. This usually means binge watching a tv show on Netflix (anyone else excited for the Gilmore Girls reunion?). Whatever it is you do to relax, just stop and do that for a bit. It will help you feel less stressed. I think this is one that would work for most people.

Properly & Drink Water
This is one for everybody. The reason i wrote "eat properly" is because people react differently to stress. Some people stress eat while others eat very little or not at all. I do a little of both. Today I didn't eat until 4pm in the afternoon (so bad!). As soon as i ate I felt so much better. So If you're feeling down grab something nutritious to eat and drink lots of water. It makes a world of difference. I'm not saying you can't have that magnum, i love a treat when I'm feeling down. Just make sure you are also getting something healthy in your belly.

Write It Down

Sometimes we just need to let out all of our feelings. Writing it down is a great way to do this. It allows you to let out you're feelings, which is therapeutic in itself. It can also help you to make sense of a situation and your feelings. Just give it a try!

Talk To Someone

If you are feeling down than talk to someone. Whether it be your partner, friends, family or even a counsellor. Like writing it down it gives you the chance to get all your feelings out. It also gives you the opportunity for support and perhaps another perspective. Your loved ones want you to be happy! Chances are you will be smiling by the end of the conversation.

Do any of these things make you feel better? Let us know what you do when you're feeling down in the dumps. Of course if you have any other tips please leave them below. You may help someone out.

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  1. The things that work best for me are a shower, fresh pyjamas, someone to talk to and something to look forward to!

    1. A shower and fresh pyjamas feel amazing! Enjoy your day.

  2. Useful post!! For me what works the best is a shower, some exrcise and me time.
    I'm doing Blogmas over my blog, if you check it out it would make me so happy!!

    1. Thankyou, I hope it helps some people out. I have loved reading Blogmas post so I'll have a look. Enjoy your day.

  3. These are great tips hun! I find that a nice warm shower is a great way to make me feel better. Or take a nice long bath, depending on how much time you have to sit and relax. All of these tips certainly help in their own way. Adrenaline from a workout can lift your mood instantly!

    Lindsey Elyse | lindseyginge

    1. A warm shower and Yoga always work for me. Happy New Year Elyse!



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