Handbag Essentials !

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Hey everyone,

I love watching "what's in my bag" videos as i find them really interesting and who doesn't enjoy being nosey and seeing what others keeps in their bags. This post is going to be very similar to one of those post, however instead of sharing the boring things like receipts and rubbish, i thought i would share with you my hang bag essentials.

My purse - this is probably the most important thing ever as it holds Id, my bank cards, my money, my myki etc. Currently I am just using a small red security wallet. I changed purses recently as I was sick of having to find things in my bigger purse, and this was much smaller, and therefore it was much easier to access everything that i needed.

Phone - this is pretty self explanatory. Always pop this in my bag when i am heading out. If anyone is interested in knowing, I have a white Samsung s4.

Hand cream - I absolutely hate getting dry hands, and when that happens it drives me absolutely mental, especially if I'm out at the time and don't have hand cream on me. So recently I have put hand cream into my hand bag; so if I happen to get dry hands, I can just grab my hand cream out. Problem solved! Currently I have the Nivea Pure & Natural hand cream.

Lip balm: I always have a spare lip balm in my handbag for obvious reasons. I am currently using Nivea's Hydro care lip balm and the Burt's bee's nourishing lip balm, so both of them are in my bag.

Go to lipstick: I love to have a lipstick in my bag that i can just grab out and apply at any time, without a mirror. At the moment my go to lipstick is Rimmel's Kate Moss lipstick in #07, i absolutely love the Kate Moss lipstick Range.

Umbrella: As it is winter, and the weather here is very temperamental, I have been carrying an umbrella in my bag just to be on the safe side. I have a bright red umbrella which I absolutely love as red is my favourite colour and i think it looks gorgeous. I know it's a bit weird to love an umbrella, but who cares.

Tissues: I carry a packet of pocket tissues around in case i need to sneeze or a runny nose situation occurs (Too much information?) . However, they are also useful if I happen to get something on my hands and in other various situations.

Comb, Hair ties and Bobby Pins: I always carry a spare hair tie and a few bobby pins in my bag just in case I need to put my hair up or if I forget to grab hair ties before I go to gym.

Panadol: In case I suddenly get a head ache or some sort of pain, I have panadol in my bag; so that I can get rid of the pain as soon as possible.

What are your handbag essentials ?

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  1. Lovely essentials - my essentials are my phone, e-reader, a bottle of water and some lipgloss. ^^
    x www.lemontierres.com

    1. Great essentials ! I love a good book and keeping hydrated is also on top of my list !

  2. You are right, these really are essentials. My handbag essentials top three is probably hand cream, lip balm and mattifying powder.

    1. Great essentials! Mattifying powder is a good one to have on hand.

  3. I always forget my umbrella! Love these wimb posts! xx



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