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I believe that a huge part of the online community is sharing the success of others. I decided I wanted to do a series that does just that. Today I will be sharing with you a few of my favourite YouTuber's. What do I look for in a YouTuber? I look for someone who is real and makes high quality content. These are the people that I believe fit the bill.

Tanya Burr: No doubt you've heard of her already. Tanya is absolutely gorgeous on the inside and out. I love watching Tanya's channel, she does a variety of beauty video's and vlog's, all of which I enjoy watching. One of my favourite things about Tanya is that her personality shines through in all of her video's. She is just so beautiful and genuine. Tanya is becoming a very successful woman and she truly deserves it.

Jim Chapman: Jim is Tanya's Fiancée. Like Tanya, he is just absolutely lovely. I have been enjoying watching Jim's vlog channel and seeing his daily adventures. I love how Jim makes the video's that he wants to as you can tell he is himself in those video's. Check out his channel!

Sweet K: Klara is a Swedish YouTuber who I have been absolutely loving recently. She makes a variety of video's  encompassing beauty and lifestyle. All of which I enjoy watching. She also has a a vlog channel which I enjoy following her on. Her 2014 vlogmas' was one of my favourites. She is genuinely such a kind person and I believe she will be really big one day. 

TalkBeckyTalk:  I absolutely love Becky's channel. She is such a cheerful and bubbly woman. Becky is a very genuine individual and it really comes across in her video's. She makes a variety of video's which are all amazing. If you are ever feeling down, I guarantee that watching her video's will lift your mood. 

Rachael Jade: Rachael is quickly becoming one of my favourite YouTuber's and for good reason. Her video's are amazing and I love watching all of them, whether they be her chatty video's or a tutorial. Rachael is probably one of the realist youtuber's I watch. She is very genuine (Probably the 100th time I've said genuine in this video) and she tells it how it is. Out of all the 2014 vlogmas', Rachael's were my ultimate favourite. If you haven't checked her out, do yourself a favour and go over there now.

That's all for this instalment. Let me know what you think of these YouTuber's and whether you have any recommendations for me to see. Also if you have a channel, feel free to link it below as I love finding new people to watch. 


 Disclaimer: These items were bought by myself and this post is not being sponsored. Everything I have said in this post is 100% my honest  opinion. Any products sent from a PR will have a "*" next to the name and sponsored posts will state exactly that.

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