January Favourites

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It's 2015 and I thought I'd hit it up with my first favourite's post. You may recognise a few of these things from this post. Mostly because these are the only make up cosmetics I've had access to over the last month, for reasons I won't be going into. Here are my January favourites.

 Clinique intense moisture surge For Christmas I was lucky enough to receive a Clinique gift set that included this little gem. This stuff is so unbelievably hydrating. When you first put it on it absorbs easily into the skin and your skin feels plump and moisturised. The best part? That moisturised feeling lasts all day. It is amazing.  Who else loves the way their skin feels after it's been cleansed and moisturised?

Estee Lauder Pure Colour Envy Sculpting Lipstick:  I received a mini version of this lipstick in a gift set which I also got for Christmas. Unfortunately the set was limited edition so I cannot link it. The colour is called Dynamic, I would describe this as a muted down pink. This colour is like a pinky nude for me. It applies to smoothly and I love the way it feels and looks on my lips. I feel like it's a lipstick that could complement any make up look. It's lasting power is incredible and I am definitely going to be purchasing the full size of this.

 Lorac Pro Palette: This will come as no surprise. I feel like this is going to be a permanent favourite. I won't go on too much about it because I did a full post on it here. This palette is just so versatile and the quality of the shadow's is incredible. Get yours hand on this, you won't regret it.

 Mac Harmony Blush: This is the first Mac Product I have ever tried, and let me tell you it was a great first impression. I had heard that this colour was great for contouring, so I knew I had to get my hands on it. It is cool toned meaning that you get those perfectly sculpted cheek bones that don't look muddy. It has everything that is needed in a contour. If you are a pale girl and struggle to find a good contour colour, then try this one. I also use for it's proper purpose as a blush.

Real Techniques Contour brush: This is the brush that I use to apply the above product, and pretty much any contouring product. Let me tell you it does it's job very well. It's the perfect size for getting right into them cheek bones. It's rounded at the end which helps when it comes to blending out the product and getting it into the right place. It comes as a part of the core set.

Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Concealer: There has been a lot of hype around this concealer and in my opinion the hype is worth it. It is light, yet has a great amount of coverage. Great for covering those dark under eyes. The brightening element in it also helps to counteract those pesky dark circles. The sponge applicator may seem a bit unhygienic, but it is the perfect shape for applying it under the eyes. I would not apply it directly to blemishes as you don't want to be transferring bacteria across your face. But it is good for covering blemishes too.

The Body Shop Shea Hand Cream: If there's one thing I cannot stand it is dry hands. If I have dry hands and don't have access to hand cream I just feel so uncomfortable and cannot think about anything else. Recently my hands have been getting drier than usual,  The Body Shop's Shea Hand Cream has been helping out with that. There's not much to say really, it smells great, hydrates my hands, makes them soft, you know a good hand cream.

gym leggings - One of my new years resolutions was to focus on a healthier lifestyle. One of the things I have been doing to achieve this is going to gym. Of course when you go to gym, you need cute workout clothes! I have loved wearing these leggings to gym. These leggings provide me with a great amount of support, but at the same time allow me to move properly. They are so cute and comfortable and I love them. Who doesn't want to look hot when they work out, as hot as you can when you're sweating anyway.

Family time: This is probably the most corniest thing, but oh well. Due to circumstances that I won't be going into, I am not living at mum's any more and am now living at my brothers. As I am living at my brothers I have been spending lots of time with my family, and it has been great. It's so amazing being able to watch my gorgeous baby nephew grow up. He has started walking now, I'm so proud! I think as you get older you realise how important family is, and spending time with my family has been a big highlight of this month.

P.S I'm going to be getting my own place soon!!
P.P.S Products Worth The Hype & Things I've Learnt Along The Way 


Disclaimer: These items were bought by myself and this post is not being sponsored. Everything I have said in this post is 100% my honest  opinion. Any products sent from a PR will have a "*" next to the name and sponsored posts will state exactly that.

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  1. Real techniques are my favourite!!! I agree as well on TBS hand cream :)

    1. Real techniques are great. They produce quality products at a reasonable price (which I'm sure my bank account is thankful for). The Body Shop have a great range of hand creams.


  2. I'm not a fan of real techniques at all but I'm so jel you have the lorac palette! I wish it was available in the UK!

    Rosie at Damzel In This Dress

    1. Oh really, why is that? The Lorac Pro Palette is great. Hopefully they make it more readily available to the UK and Australia. I love their lip glosses too (which is saying something as I am not a fan of lipglosses normally).



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