Review: Beauty Essentials Pure Mud Mask.

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 On a mission to get a new face mask, I went to Priceline to see what they had in store. After narrowing it down to two face masks, I finally decided on the Beauty Essentials Pure Mud Mask. This product is from Priceline's own brand range and it only cost me $4.99, how could I say no to a price like that? Formulated with yarrow, strawberry and rosemary extract, the mask aims to repair the appearance of dry and damaged skin.

The masks appears to have light brown colouring in the tube, but it dries clear on the skin. It smelt like any other face mask really, however it wasn't a strong in your face smell, which I liked. I noticed that the mask was quite thin, although I'm not sure if that's just because the instructions tell you to apply only a thin layer. The mask takes approximately 10-15 minutes to dry and as with most face masks, I got that cool, soothing feeling whilst I was waiting for it to dry. What an amazing feeling that is.

I love taking off a face mask and having my skin feel soft and clean, and that's exactly what happened. However in addition to that soft, clean feeling, I noticed that the skin around my cheeks and outer nose area was quite distressed. I wouldn't class my skin as sensitive, so I was quite surprised to see my skin become so red and bumpy from the mask. I guess my skin just didn't agree with this product. Due to the reaction, I will not be using this face mask again. For that reason, I would not recommend this face mask to individuals who have quite sensitive skin as you may get a reaction of some sort. If you have "normal" skin, then I would say go for it with caution.

Have you tried this product or any others from the Beauty Essentials range? If so let me know how your experience went!

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  1. this sounds lovely!

    from helen at

    ps. win a pair of raybans and a beauty goodie bag worth nearly £300 in my new giveaway! click here.

    1. Yeh, but if you have sensitive skin i'd steer clear.

  2. Great review I have to try it!

    Maybe follow each other on bloglovin? I always follow back :)

    1. Thanks ! I will have a look at your blog, and if it's my sort of thing i will follow you.

      - xx


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