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For a few weeks now, I have been back at uni.  I thought i would share a few of my back to uni tips with you guys.  These tips work for me and have made my life so much easier, and hopefully I may help somebody out.

1. Get all your supplies.
This one is pretty obvious, but it is also very important. Ensuring that you have all your text books, note books, stationary and whatever else you require is important as it means you don't have to stress about purchasing them when the semester has already started. Purchasing them ahead of time, will make sure you don't fall behind due to not having everything you need.

2. Timetable:  Create a timetable and incorporate classes, work, travel time, leisure, gym, study and whatever else you may need. This way you know exactly how your time is being used and how much time you have for certain activities. Having a good work-life balance is important so you are not over worked or behind.

3. Diary/Planner: Get a diary or a planner so you can put due dates in and write what you need to do each day.

4.  To do List: At the beginning of each study session, write down the things that you need to get done and a realistic estimate of how much time that will consume. I suggest putting the most important things first. I also think, if a tasks takes less than 30 minutes to do, you should get that out the way to begin with.  If you want you can also write a to do list for each day.

5. Start assignments at least four weeks prior to due date:  This gives you time plan, research and put everything together. It also allows you to be thorough and means if something unexpected happens you still have time to fix it.

6. Prepare for tomorrow tonight: prepare everything you need for the next day the night before. This will save you heaps of time in the morning. I did a post about saving time in the mornings, where i go into further detail about preparing the night before. Saving time in the Morning 

7. Keep up to date with your work: Once you fall behind it is very hard to catch back up. This also makes it easier for when exam time comes around so you can study what you have already learnt, instead of learning it for the first time.

8. Study throughout the semester: It is best to study throughout the semester in stead of, beginning  two weeks before you have exams. I have been guilty of waiting a few weeks before exams to start studying, and I really believe studying through is much more efficient.

9. Take Breaks: Take regular breaks when studying. According to research, 30-45 minutes of studying, your mind usually starts to wander. Taking a break ensures you can re energise and then your mind will be fresh when you re-commence studying.

10. Ask for help. I cannot stress this enough. if you are having trouble ask for help. I know that a lot of people feel really uncomfortable asking for help and asking questions in general. But asking for help ensures you are not left behind. There are almost definitely others who have the same question. If you feel uncomfortable asking in front of others, you can always speak to your lecture or tutor privately. Also there are many other resources that can assist you. for example, peers, friends, the internet, you could even ask via social network if you really wanted (of course, don't rely on social networking as your only resource).

11. Enjoy yourself: This is only a small segment of your life, so enjoy it while you can!

Do you use any of these to help you throughout your semester ?  Or do you have any other tips? if so leave them in the comments! I am always open for hearing extra tips. Chances are you will probably really help someone out too !

- xx

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  1. Love this post. Great tips for staying organised :)

    1. Thank you. I don't know what I would do without some of these tips !


  2. Starting assignments four weeks early is something I'm definitely gonna have to do going into my second year, god knows how I managed last year doing everything last minute! xxxx

    1. It's so much easier to start them earlier, although in saying that, I have an assignment due next week and I have procrastinated for the past few weeks, but what can you do.



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