The Lush Experience.

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Lush Australia, Dragon's Egg Bath Bomb. Floating Island Melt, Pop corn Lip Scrub

Lush Australia, Dragon's Egg Bath Bomb. Floating Island Melt, Pop corn Lip Scrub

Until a few months ago, I didn't know Lush existed in Australia (sad huh?). I read so many posts and watched so many video's where people discussed Lush products; and I really wished I could try some products from Lush, they just sounded amazing! Then one day, I typed "Lush Australia" into the Google Search Bar, and to my suprise (and delight), there were a few Lush stores near by. I couldn't wait to go there.

I finally got to have my first Lush experience, and boy did I love it. First of all, I loved the design of the store, it was just like in the pictures ! (I must sound like a giddy child). Anyone who has ever been to a Lush Store knows what I'm talking about. There were products upon products, and the way they were set out was really pleasing to the eyes. I loved how you could just pick something up and have a sniff. It really was smell central.

As unlikely as it may seem, I actually went there with a purpose. In a couple of weeks (when this actually goes up, it will only be a few days away) my boyfriend and I will be heading away for a few days for my birthday. We are going to this lovely Bed & Breakfast a few hours away. Anyway, as I am planning on having a pamper evening there, I wanted to grab a few products from Lush. Y'know, to make the pamper evening that little bit more luxurious. I ended up deciding on three products.

The first thing I decided on was the Floating Island Bath Melt, the moment I smelt it I knew it would be going into my bag. The scent of this is Lemon and Sandalwood, and let me tell you this smells amazing. It is such a refreshing scent, and I absolutely love it. To me it also smells fizzy (is there such a thing as a fizzy scent?), I'm not sure how to explain it, but it smells fizzy okay.

The second thing I purchased was the Dragon's Egg Bath Bomb. My boyfriend actually picked this one out, he absolutely loved the fact that it was called Dragon's Egg. The smell of this is absolutely amazing. The scent is fruity, and it smells exactly like fruit tingles (Fruit tingles are a type of sweets Australia has). Aahhh it smells so good, definitely the best thing ever!

The last thing I got was the Popcorn Lip scrub - I spotted this at the counter and was very happy I did as I had been planning on getting a lip scrub for awhile now. I was not very fond of the other scents/flavours; the Bubblegum one smelt too intense for me and I do not like mint, so the Mint Julips one was not an option.  Luckily, I liked the pop corn one. I have already used this, and it is amazing, it smelt so good and it tasted pretty good too;)

My first Lush experience was most definitely a success, and I cannot wait to go back there. Have you guys tried any products from Lush? If so let me know in the comments below or send me a tweet, I would love to hear your recommendations.

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