A Weekend Away: Day Four

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On Sunday I woke up, and after a few seconds, it actually registered that it was my birthday and I was 20 years old. It was sort of strange to think that I am no longer a teenager. But I am definitely looking forward to embracing my 20's. It also hit me that today it was time to go back home, which was a bit disappointing as I had had such a wonderful time over the past few days.
 As it was my birthday, Brad being a sweetheart. decided to spoil me. He made me stay in bed so he could make me breakfast in bed and prepare everything to my liking.

Our room came with an hour later checkout at 11am, which was good, however it still meant we couldn't sit around for too long as we had to get ready to leave. After breakfast, I hopped in the shower and got myself ready. Then it was time to pack up everything and make sure that nothing was left behind.

We checked out pretty much exactly at 11am and drove down to town where I picked up a sour dough bread toasted sandwich from a local Bakery, it was quite delicious. We then got back on the road for the journey home. I was really hoping we would get to drive right by the light house so I could take some photo's but unfortunately the main road didn't go past it. But Brad surprised me and turned the car around so we could go see the light house. I was so grateful.

The light house was gorgeous, I really loved it. I know there are a lot of photo's on this post just for a light house, but I couldn't help myself. To be honest, I actually took more than what's in this post, so I  think I was quite reserved in this post. The pathway to the light house was gorgeous in itself. We decided not to climb the light house as we had to get back home for other birthday celebrations. But we both agreed that it was a must for next time. There was this gorgeous little Tea House next door to the light house.

A few hours later, we arrived back To Brad's house. Brad's mum had made me a birthday cake which was gorgeous. Unfortunately I didn't get any photo's, so I can't show you guys what it looked like. We had a bit of a rest before we went to my mum's house for a family dinner. I had the most lovely birthday and I am so grateful that I got to spend it with the people I love. I really am blessed.

I hope you enjoyed reading my account of my weekend away. If you haven't read the other days I will link them below for you to read if you wish. Let me know how you guys celebrate your birthdays, I would love to hear about it.

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