The Infamous Lorac Pro Pallete

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Lorac Pro Palette, Lorac, Eye Shadow

Lorac Pro Palette, Lorac, Eye Shadow

I'm going to keep this short, because you are all probably sick of hearing about the Lorac Pro Palette, but I couldn't not talk about it. It is 100% a hit from me. I pretty much have the same opinion as everyone who has tried the Lorac Pro Palette, but I wanted to tell you why I liked it and some of my favourite shades from the Palette.

First of all, I love how sleek the packaging is, it is very thin which allows it to fit easily in my handbag. One of my favourite things about the packaging is that it includes the name of the eye shadow shade on it. I like to know the name of shades and this allows me to know without having to search my brain trying to think of the name, which I most likely wouldn't remember in the end. Also the "close sound" of the packaging is very satisfying.

The Palette includes a total of 16 shades, there are 8 matte and 8 shimmer. I love that there are 8 matte shades as a lot of palettes only contain a few of them. I also love that the shimmery shades aren't glittery, they have that perfect amount of shimmer. The formula is amazing! The shades are buttery and creamy and insanely pigmented. I would say the consistency is more of a cream to powder finish. They last all day on the lids and I have had no trouble with creasing from them.

My favourite of the matte shades are taupe, sable and espresso and I like to use the white to highlight the brow bone and inner corner of my eye. My favourite shimmer shades would be nude and bronze. I would 100% recommend the Lorac Pro Palette as it is an exceptional palette in every aspect.

Have you tried the Lorac Pro Palette ?

Disclaimer: This product is not a PR sample nor is this post being sponsored. Everything I have said in this post is 100% my honest  opinion. Any products that are PR samples will have a " * " after the name and any post being sponsored will be stated. 

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