A Weekend Away: Day Three

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On Saturday morning, my boyfriend and I enjoyed a lovely breakfast once again. I loved that I didn't have to rush to be anywhere, meaning that I could relax, eat my breakfast and just enjoy the moment.
After breakfast, we started getting ready. We packed the picnic basket which included sandwiches, Salada's and cream cheese, strawberries and other tasty treats. We then hopped into the car and away we went.

Driving around in Lorne is wonderful. Everywhere you look there is a beautiful view. Turning a corner? oh hey there gorgeous view. I didn't think Lorne could get any more exquisite, but of course there was another striking view awaiting at our destination.

Once we arrived at Erskine Falls, we jumped out the car and headed down to the track. There were two options, we could go to see the waterfall from high above or we could see it from below. We chose both options as they were only a short distance away. As you can see from the pictures above, the destination was rather breath taking. I was completely awestruck.

Not too far from Erskine Fall's there was a picnic area, so afterwards we headed down there to have some lunch. I think picnics are a really lovely way to spend time with someone, it's just such a relaxing thing to do. Plus you get food which is always a bonus.

When we had stuffed ourselves to our content, we decided to head back to town. I had wanted to try an ice cream from the local ice creamery so we stopped in to town to do just that. I got a scoop of coffee ice cream as well as a scoop of boysenberry in a cup - which tasted divine. We then decided to have a walk on the beach and spotted a crowd and of course had to head over and see what the fuss was about. It turned out to be a street performer who was quite funny so we stayed and watched. When the performance had finished, we headed back to our hotel to relax and spend some time with each other.

Once it got dark enough we drove down to the peer to have a look. Something we had been planning from the day we got there. The view once again was gorgeous. The sea water smelt so strong and the waves were crashing against the rocks so loudly. It was a magical moment. There were a group of boys jumping off the peer into the water; I found that quite baffling because the water would have been freezing. We then headed back to our rooms for a relaxing night in to watch movies,

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