A Weekend Away: Day Two.

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Chatby Lane, Lorne, Cockatoo


beach, great ocean road, victoria, sand, sea, grass
Lorne, victoria, Australia

Lorne, Victoria, Australia, Great Ocean Road, Bridge, beach

rocks, beach, texture
beach, great ocean road, victoria, Australia, Lorne, Lorne Victoria

Pathway, Lorne Victoria, Lorne, Victoria, Australia, Tree's

Waking up in a hotel room has to be one of the best feeling's ever. It felt so good knowing that I didn't have to get up and do the usual tasks that life requires. I could just relax and be. Can I just say, the Linen was amazing! The pillow cases were the softest things I have ever felt. I have to admit, I just couldn't get over it. By the end of the trip, I had looked for a label to see where they were from, unfortunately, the tags were cut off.

Breakfast was delivered to us on a lovely wooden tray, and it was set out rather lovely. It wasn't anything fancy, just simple and lovely. Definitely winning the record for saying lovely multiple times. I opted for the same items each day; corn flakes, multi grain toast with vegemite and some orange juice. We also had coffee in a plunger. As we sat down eating, we were greeted by two cockatoo's who perched themselves on the outside porch table.

Today we just decided to go with the flow. There was no rush, no plans, we just decided to let the day take us away. We went down to town for lunch and decided to have fish and chips - you can't not have fish and chips in a small town by the sea side. The food was absolutely amazing. We ate some of it inside the shop, which was really cool and set out in a retro kind of way. We then went down to the beach and sat and ate what was left. It was really nice to just sit beside the sea, relaxing and enjoying each others company.

We then felt like going for a walk along the beach, so we went on a really long walk. I think I took about a billion photo's, well that's an exaggeration, but I did take a lot, which is why this post is very picture heavy. But can you really blame me? it was such a beautiful place and to be honest, I wanted to have capture the memories. We didn't feel like swimming, but that doesn't mean we said no to walking in the water. Being rebellious and all, we even went in about knee deepish and walked along, sometimes running away from the waves and playing around in the water.

For our walk back to town, we took a different route along a track just beside the beach. The trees were aligned on each side of the path, forming this beautiful archway. As we were walking we came across this small park and I ran to the swings immediately. Who says adults can't have fun at parks? 

Once we got back to town, we went back to our hotel, and just relaxed before dinner. For dinner, we decided we just wanted a relaxing night in with each other. So we went and got what we desired; for me it was a pizza, and Brad had noodle's from a noodle shop. Once we got back to our room, we ate our dinner in bed while watching movies (Sunday at Tiffany's & The Princess Diaries 2). A perfect end to a perfect day.

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